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Sports Podiatry

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What is Podiatry?
Podiatry is a profession concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the foot and lower limb to restore optimal function and performance.

Who should see a Podiatrist?
If you have a problem with your lower legs or feet, that seems to have come on for no apparent reason (other than you have been active) you may benefit. Also those that are getting problems because of flat feet, high arches or ‘knock’ knees may be best to start here: or maybe you just ‘wear out’ your running shoes extremely quickly?

Your physiotherapist or doctor is also often a source of referral to a podiatrist.

How can Podiatry help me?
Podiatry aims to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Often with a lower limb injury the way your feet are moving may be overloading the body to produce the injury. Treatment directed at correcting this problem is the first step on your road to regaining optimal physical function and relieving your pain.

What is involved with my appointment?
You will have an analysis of walking and/or running biomechanics (body movement) to investigate posture and lower limb function, which may include a Biomechanical and Video Gait Analysis. If an imbalance in the way your foot moves is related to the problems you are having your podiatrist may discuss several options with you – 

  • Advice on more appropriate footwear, or modifications to running shoes, football boots or other sporting footwear
  • Prescription of appropriate stretching/strengthening and training programs
  • Prescription of corrective foot orthoses for lower limb realignment

Can I have Podiatry on my private medical insurance?
Many private health insurance schemes give benefits for Podiatry treatment. Reimbursement will depend on the insurer and the plan you have chosen. Contact the helpline of your insurance company who will explain the actual benefits and methods of claim for your individual policy