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Medicolegal Services

Qsportsmedicine Medicolegal and Occupational Rehabilitation Services

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The Sports Physicians at Qsportsmedicine provide quality independent medicolegal assessment for all acute and chronic injuries. Since Specialist recognition in 2009, Sports Physicians are now amongst Australia’s most experienced and sought after opinions on musculoskeletal injury.

Our specialists provide expert opinion to some of Australia’s most elite athletes, as well as recreational athletes and occupational musculoskeletal injuries.

The Qsports specialists provide evidence based proactive rehabilitation programs in order to return athletes and workers to pre-injury fitness as safely and rapidly as possible. Our specialists are realistic when assessing degenerative conditions, and understand functional capacity and the benefits and limitations of exercise rehabilitation.


If you would like to discuss referring a patient or client for medico-legal assessment, please contact:

Mail: Qsportsmedicine, 4/49 Butterfield Street, Herston, Brisbane Qld.

Phone: 1300077767 (13000QSPORTS).

Email: megan@qsports.com.au

Please direct all enquiries (Mon-Fri) to Ms Megan Clarke (Practice Manager and Medicolegal Coordinator).

Qsports is based in Herston, Brisbane opposite the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Qsports has excellent public transport access and limited dedicated parking, but public parking is usually available.


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Why are Qsports Medicolegal and Rehabilitation services different?

Our goal is to provide a professional and efficient service to both our referrers and our patients. Unlike larger providers, who try to cover all aspects of medicolegal medicine, our specialists will provide a quality independent opinion on musculoskeletal conditions.

Our staff are friendly are helpful when arranging examinations. We are flexible and can arrange urgent assessment at convenient times including weekends and after hours. Qsports medicolegal services do not rely on interstate visiting specialists because our doctors are resident, and are always available.

By providing early specialist intervention with accelerated rehabilitation, we can shorten claim duration and this provides benefits to employers and employees.

Qsportsmedicine medicolegal assessments are typically scheduled for at least one hour, or even longer for complex cases. This means that reports are comprehensive and the number of factual errors in reports is reduced.

On occasions radiology investigations are required. Because Qsports is adjacent to a radiology practice, and so investigations can often be arranged at the time of assessment, the time taken to provide the final report is often unaffected.

Our fees are generally in line with the QComp (Queensland WorkCover) Schedule of Fees for medical specialists.
This fee schedule be found on the Worksafe website (PDF)

Qsports staff or referrers, will negotiate any fee variation in advance that does not comply with this schedule (eg. urgent/after hours reports, compartment pressure tests etc).

Qsportsmedicine is able to provide educational meetings to referrers on musculoskeletal topics.


Qsportsmedicolegal and Workplace Rehabilitation Services

The Sports and Exercise Physicians at Qsportsmedicine are recognised specialists in musculoskeletal medicine and treat both elite athletes and complex musculoskeletal problems referred by other specialists. Our doctors provide the highest quality, independent comprehensive musculoskeletal medico-legal reports. We understand the requirements of a medicolegal consultation and the importance of providing objective reports based on medical evidence.

Qsports provides a friendly and supportive environment to patients, and is fortunate to have excellent managerial, reception and typing staff. Qsports aims to be flexible to both our referrers and patients and will provide urgent reports at short notice and has a two-week turnaround (maximum) so that claims can be settled promptly benefitting both patients and referrers.

Qsports specialists provide expert reports for:

  • Workers compensation (eg. QComp/Worksafe)
  • Military (eg. DVA)
  • Comcare
  • CTP and Motor Vehicle Schemes
  • Others by negotiation

Independent Medical Assessments (IMEs)


  • Liability Assessments
  • Permanent Impairment Assessments
  • Incapacity Assessments
  • Rehabilitation Assessments (eg. SRC Act and MRC Act)
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments

Specialist File Reviews


DVA and Military

The doctors at Qsportsmedicine are amongst the busiest private musculoskeletal medical specialists in Australia working in military medicine (source – Medibank Private). Our doctors understand the physical requirements of Australia’s modern military service and how this relates to injury.
See more Qsports – Military Medicine.

DVA and the accompanying military legislation (eg MRC Act) is a sub-specialised area of medico-legal medicine. Qsportsmedicine specialists have extensive experience in DVA processes and both the MRC and SRC Acts, and the specific requirements for each report. The doctors have knowledge of the specific SOPs for medical diagnosis and liability.

Qsportsmedicine practitioners can provide a wide range of specific reports for DVA purposes. Because our practitioners understand military injury, we can provide the most thorough assessment and include military specific investigations such as compartment pressure testing.