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Achilles Tendon Rehabilitation exercises

These exercises have been shown to be 81% successful for a return to sport at 3 months.

The exercises need to be completed twice a day for 7 days of the week.


  • stand on a step with your heels off the edge
  • rise onto toes with both feet
  • move all your weight onto the affected foot
  • drop slowly until your heel is below the level of the step if your tenderness is above the bony insertion of the Achilles. Only drop to the level of the step if your tenderness is at the insertion. This is an important point
  • perform 3×15 repetitions if able
  • then perform 3×15 heel raises and drops with the knee bent
  • you are allowed to have some discomfort when performing these exercises (less than 3/10)
  • if they become painfree add some weight to the program e.g. a backpack with books in it
  • It is important to persist at least for 4-6 weeks before deciding on whether the program is being successful